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This is actually a brilliant idea, but I want to ask about something slightly off-topic, hope others can chime in as well:

> Withdrawn mostly from Reddit in favor of early 2000’s style forums that I pay money for

I've never heard of such forums. Does anyone have any examples of these? In particular ones that you pay for, but I'm interested in free ones too.

The SomethingAwful forums [0] used to cost $10 to join [1] in the early 2000s. A more recent example is the Farnam Street community, which costs money to join [2].

[0] https://forums.somethingawful.com/

[1] https://secure.somethingawful.com/products/register.php

[2] https://fs.blog/membership/

Does anyone here use FS? Do you find it helpful (we’ll leave aside questions of cost), or is it like ... productivity porn?

The Something Awful forums is the obvious candidate here. It costs a flat 10$ to create an account. This generally makes trolling, spamming and scamming a losing proposition and broadly helps with the signal to noise ratio.

It’s unclear to me what that -is-. Is it just a paid forum?

Yes, mainly, but it used to offer a bit more than that, not sure of the current status.


I'm partial to Sufficient Velocity[1], which is focused on SF and Creative Works.

It's a niche space, but it's a niche space I enjoy, for all of its faults.

[1]: https://forums.sufficientvelocity.com

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