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Another suggestion: Limit your browser use to only one tab at a time. Or, allow yourself multiple windows but only one tab each.

If it takes 8 seconds to load a website I could see someone just opening a bunch of tabs and coming back to them later. This suggestion avoids that (among other accomplishments).

Good suggestion. I do feel that any self-imposed rule or limitation will be vulnerable to you simply deciding to ignore or bypass it though.

I had this exact thought. I often use the middle click button to open a bunch of tabs from the reddit front page and get back to them later.

So I'm trying the Crackbook Revival extension and it's actually a bit devious. You can set it to increase the delay every time you try to open a site on your list. And if you switch away from the tab, it resets the timer so you can't just wait it out while looking at other links. It also doesn't seem to tick down if you open it in another window.

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