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Low-latency isn't the only problem, I think. The small-enought latency seems to be worst: you click somehing and wait for the reward just few ms later. Incresing this wait to seconds prevents this effect.

Well I am on a not so fast connection a lot and what is even worse: click on something and get absolutely no clue the click event was registered.

Click again to see if you did something wrong and, yes, youe action was registered 2 times causing all kinds of trouble.

To all SPA developers around the word: show me if I interacted and show me if something is loading.

I ensure my loading graphic shows for a minimum of 333ms to make sure my users see that something was happening, just incase the operation completes too fast for the user to realize it happened.

Depends on how big of an addict. And also you could just disable the extension as well like you do for your failed site blocking extension of preference.

What if we just open our filter bubbles so that not every click has that effect?

We self select into our bubbles anyway. Especially amidst an almost subconscious addictive trawl across the internet. There's a stereotype of computer addiction that shows the user as this active, hyper alert entity absorbing everything they possibly can. The reality is that you sit there, numb to everything, barely attentive, clicking over and over again.

The trope of someone closing reddit, only to open reddit again, is a microcosm of that. If you were actively participating in the decision making and thinking clearly, you would never make that mistake. Something else is driving your trawl.

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