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Apple’s malware problem is getting worse (vox.com)
16 points by hhs 15 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

I have a hard time reconciling the need for anti-virus software on a mac when the anti-virus software is so often the virus: https://www.komando.com/security-privacy/antivirus-program-s...

So it says the 'threats per endpoint' on mac has gone way up. It says 50,000,000 Windows endpoints are compromised.

It fails to mention the number of mac endpoints compromised.

I suspect is is actually not a huge number because of its omission...

Therefore, from the missing numbers of infected mac endpoints, I'll have to surmise that all they've learned is a compromised mac tends to become more and more compromised...

No, it reports 50 million detections on Windows endpoints, not that 50 million Windows endpoints were compromised. It reports an average of 5.8 detections per Windows endpoint, from which we can compute that fewer than 10 million Windows endpoints have MalwareBytes installed but not how many have detected malware (except that the total install base is an upper bound).

A more meaningful statistic they could report is the percentage of endpoints with MalwareBytes installed that have detected malware.

That's fair, I missed that sub-detail.

It's almost as though the publisher of an anti-malware app has some motivation to exaggerate the problem, and knows how to take advantage of tech reporting's never-ending appetite for negative Apple news.

And yet here on hacker news people seem to be complaining a lot that Apple is going too far with security.

Fake and PR security to take away freedom from users is what people are complaining about.

I’ve never seen anyone complain about that with with regard to MacOS.

All I’ve seen is people carelessly dismissing legitimate threats and ignoring the evidence about the environment we operate in now.

It is bad that user freedom is being impacted. But just because it is, doesn’t mean there is a conspiracy.

How is this considered journalism? It largely relies upon a single source that clearly has a vested interest.

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