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Show HN: BigOofN – job board from the perspective of software engineers (bigoofn.com)
53 points by krazykonkani 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 52 comments

For those that got confused like me, it's "Big O of N", not "Big Oof N"

Big Oof on the title.

Thanks! Will fix today, as you can tell we are super early stage. Trying to collect feedback and keep improving.

Copyright 2018?

Will get to that too.

I assumed this was done on purpose and thought it was quite clever.

Hah, also thought it is Big Oof!





Ah yes, the four company types. And that's all the company types there are.


I think that






would be better categories. You could use Crunchbase or something similar to categorize by what round they are in.

That still excludes bootstrapped companies but are much more sane categories in my opinion.

Seems like two different filters are needed: one for size and one for stage. Excluding established/bootstrapped companies is silly unless the purpose of the site is to only list jobs at startups.

We don't plan on excluding any established companies, the filters will be expanded and you will see more categories soon.

"Famous" "Late" "Mid" "Early" "Seed" are probably more sanitized and accurate but I would argue less fun. It will drive the employers crazy to not be included in 'Top brands' but as a user I know exactly what 'FANG + Top brands' means and I love it. Its refreshing to see a job board that's a little edgy and innovative.

Exactly! Our goal is to cater to the user's\developer's perspective.

There are definitely more categories than what we have and agree the naming can be improved. Next ones we are considering adding are: 'Mid Stage backed by Big Name Investors' and 'University + Govt.' jobs.

For any non-American here: the website is made for US

Thanks, yes, for now. Canada will be added in couple of weeks, followed by countries in western Europe.

A checkbox for "VISA" or "INTERN" (like the who is hiring threads) could be really valuable. I like the UI, but what's the source for the 'total funding'?

Thanks, you can filter for Interns by title. Few postings explicitly mention whether they sponsor visa or definitely don't, so its tricky to determine, we would add it in our things we would like to do list.

err, so a rich kids club?

The countries above may be rich, but we aren't! Focusing resources on one country at a time and expanding gradually among neighbors. Our goal is to have data for all major tech hubs globally, not just in US and Europe. And there also isn't anything wrong with building a service for the country you live in.

On mobile the homepages animated "an individual contributor role." text overflows with the button placement.

Also when typing in a filter for the location name, the site stutters. This is probably because the JS is trying to filter the whole list on each keypress. You could implement a slight delay before starting a search. I've previously implemented something similar by restarting a timer (clearTimeout + setTimeout) each keypress. Once the setTimeout actually executes (in my case after 200 ms) OR the user hits the enter key, the state is updated and the filter search is performed using the current value of the text input. I've found this to be a great solution for responsiveness.

Mobile needs a lot of love for sure. Thanks for suggesting the solution for speeding up the search field, we have an item in this week's list to fix it!

Lodash.js has a great `_.throttle()` that I use all the time to buffer keypress/state management.

throttle uses debounce, which uses a timer + setTimeout and clearTimeout :)

We tried your suggestion, worked great. Its live now, thanks again!

Awesome! Good luck with everything

I do like the simplicity of the design, and the filters by type of company.

But I also feel that we're at maximum capacity for aggregated job boards. We see a new one posted on here every week. So even though I like this better than many of the others I've seen, the job board market has exploded to the point of absurdity, so I'm not sure what to make of them all.

Thanks for the feedback, do agree there are too many job boards now. Our goal is to collect data which would be useful from the perspective of engineers: team size, stock option value, etc. We are still in very early stage in the process.

> job board market has exploded to the point of absurdity

As the creator of some of those job boards, I agree.

Job boards are easy to build.

Established job boards can bring significant visibility from the right audience.

"Fly-by-night" job boards that look identical down to the pricing are stealing money from unsuspecting customers. I've had people buy a similar domain, create google ads to appear in the search to employers, and sell the same-priced job post when they have no existing audience.

Ok. First off I love the name. Fantastic.

Also. I love the clean and simple design.

If there is one tweak I would make I would add a simple badge to the company name like you see here for the 'Developers' tag:


All the best!

Thanks for the feedback! We got lucky with the name :). Will check into adding a badge.

Useful! I am not looking for a job, but on the other hand I like being updated on what is out there (with respect to my interests). Which means I will not go through the jobs now, but if I could define my filter/interests and then subscribe to get an email with job roles that are best fit, every week or 2 weeks or month, that would be interesting.

Yes, majority of the engineers are in the state you are in. We have on our roadmap a feature similar to what you are describing.

The location search bar is particularly frustrating on my phone. Perhaps exacerbated since the site's under load? But it's appears to be kicking off an ajax request per keydown and not updating the input text until that request is completed. Very frustrating as I suck at typing on this danged phone and the feedback delay aggravates that.

We added a delay after each key press in the location filter, it should be easier to use now, please try when you get a chance.

Apologies, we will prioritize fixing it today. Yes, the traffic has spiked right now which is adding to it.

First off, congrats on a successful reception on HN. Now, the site layout on mobile needs some love. I would suggest setting up google analytics, and getting some numbers on what percentage of users are hitting this from which device size, and allocate your time accordingly.

Thanks! Agreed, the numbers for mobile are significant. Our focus so far was mostly on data collection and cleanup, hence we stayed on building web only. Will spend resources on mobile soon, once couple more features are released on the web.

Love the design and simplicity of it! Are you using any APIs? I ask because if you can add info on the date it was posted that could be useful information to display as well.

Thanks! Not using any APIs, we read from Career pages. Once our processes are more established, we should know when the posting went live, we will start publishing the date soon.

I've been running job boards for 8+ years. Monetization is the biggest problem.

How do you plan to monetize?

May want to update that giant "copyright 2018" on the front page.

Giant indeed! Will be fixed.

Room for improvement: Golang is missing. Update the copyright statement.

Thanks, will fix them in today's release.

Where are you finding these jobs? Are you scraping something?

Yeah, career pages of early stage to public companies, with focus on software engineering roles.

It's nice, where do you get your jobs from?

All read from Careers pages. We will have a About Us page up this week, will explain how we get the positions.

Love the UI. Where are you pulling these jobs from?

Read from Career pages of all companies, big and small, from Universities as well and soon from government sites.

big oof? sounds like a place for disgruntled engineers to criticize their company.

Good service

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