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AT&T mobile users are unable to access Tutanota (tutanota.com)
70 points by outloudvi 15 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 23 comments

This guy is making a huge jump from "it's not working" to "AT&T is actively blocking us - NET NEUTRALITY NOW!" without any evidence to back him up.

The available evidence (only being blocked in Chicago) would actually point to a technical issue as opposed to an intentional block.

also, it indicates that their infrastructure probably lacks redundancy. they don't sound like someone i would want to pay to handle my mail.

While I support net neutrality, part of me thinks this is just Hanlon's Razor[1]

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanlon%27s_razor

At the very least they got a sign up. I just tested on my AT&T phone on Montana and had no issue creating an account and accessing the mailbox.

What's special about Chicago?

The fact that it's only in Chicago makes me think it's an AT&T error e.g. with BGP or internal routing rather than something intentional.

We have our four core ZeroTier root servers on different providers at different data centers for this reason. Entire data centers or cloud regions becoming unreachable from a certain ISP in a certain area for a period of time is not all that uncommon.

In case you don't know: the core of the Internet is basically a ball of chewing gum, duct tape, glue, twine, and carrier pigeons maintained by grumbling BGP admins.

I ... no, I don't think it's quite as elastic as chewing gum.

I'm getting it in Philadelphia area on att mobile and trouble with other sites, so it's not just Chicago.

I thought the pigeons were the admins, I have been humbled.

agreed- I have seen similar ISP-related outages and did not think it was related to corporate censorship

I'm not sure how this is a net neutrality issue.

Sounds more like a routing misconfiguration that AT&T can't pin down.

I'm not clear that this is actually a Net Neutrality issue rather than a routing issue. Perhaps there is a way to solve this with DNS, routing connections to a different place. Maybe this is a failure of the infrastructure that supports the service. Use DNS to help ATT get connections to the right place.

Tutanota is a giant spam source. I’m not surprised they are being blocked. This isn’t about net neutrality at all.

Att mobile uses ipv6, and ive been having trouble getting to bbs.boingboing.net recently.

Traceroutes to it and www.tutanota.com seem to die in similar or the same place.


Which both last end there currently. Last two not octets were different. Few minutes ago.

I don't know enough about ipv6 to diagnose further, or how to force my phone to ipv4 on lte.

We at Discourse (hosting of bbs.boingboing.net) spent quite some time tracking this and also found the same, SSL fails on AT&T IPv6.

We are tracking it here https://meta.discourse.org/t/cannot-reach-one-forum-on-at-t-...

Yes I saw, I'm one of the boingboing users mentioned. I don't have a discourse account yet, but if there's any info I can provide to help resolve this, I am happy to do so. Intend on signing up soon to monitor on meta.

AT&T mobile is also blocking SSL connection to our hosting service at Discourse.


Silly Germans, AT&T is always busted.

BTW, if these tutanota guys were smart, they'd be pitching their services to AT&T instead of dragging them through the mud.

Last I checked, AT&T had subcontracted Yahoo as their mail handler. Nowhere to go but up from that mess...

Is there any indication this was intentional?

Nope. Author made a big leap from "it doesn't work for some folks" to "omg we're being actively blocked by an ISP! get out your pitchforks everyone!"

Smart, though. No way this makes the front page of HN without blaming Net Neutrality violation.

No, it's not smart. It's clickbait, and "hacker" "news" eats it up, every time.

Time for ISP's to be under Title II (not that it would matter in this case).

rarbg.to also doesn't work with AT&T.

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