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50 Scholarships for Developers to Launch next week
59 points by jasonmcalacanis on Feb 17, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 19 comments
The #1 request from the 100+ startups launching new companies and products next week at LAUNCH is angel funding.

Right behind that request is developers. As such, we're going to offer 50 developers complimentary tickets to the event. Simply email your resume and/or linked in URL to developers@launch.is and we'll give you sign you up.

Note: we won't give your resume or email to anyone. We just want to make sure we're not giving tickets to lawyers or head hunters.

It's really hard to get a 1st time conf off the ground, even if you are Jason Calacanis. I like the effort that Launch is putting into getting people involved and offering deals like this. They are being very active and it will pay off.

Thanks pal... we have the conference in the black it looks like... so the goal now is to have an inclusive, amazing event.

now if only i can get TechCrunch and Arrington to lift the ban of TechCrunch writers covering the event.

Ask Arianna Huffington. Politely.

I actually did email Tim and Arianna

I think you should apply to sell to AOL...god knows it'd be the only asset they'd have that's in the black....say 316MM?

Jason: don't take this as a personal attack, but proofreading is your friend. I know you're a busy person, but it seems like more often than not I have to reread your copy because you didn't.

Not proofreading also comes across as self-centered and arrogant. If other people's time is worth as much as your own, and 3600 people will read a message, then it's worth spending an hour making sure that people can understand it on average one second more quickly.

Of course, most people value their own time more highly than others'. But even if that's the case, it's surely worth spending 5 minutes to get it right.

I disagree, perceived benefit of the contribution outweighs errors in grammar. Try refactoring your language parser to improve single pass absorption rate.

i like to NOT copy edit and leave in errors on purpose so folksknow it's reallly me.

I expect we'll have to agree to disagree on this, but there's a case to be made that it objectively damages you.

Consider this question on Quora: http://www.quora.com/Why-did-DuckDuckGo-block-Mahalo-com

You are one of the closest conceivable people to the question, and your answer got downvoted because it was ostensibly broken English, which made it look spammy (and thus, kind of ironic)

I suspect his reply may have been an attempt at levity.

I have never thought that you might be paying people to log into your personal hackernews account to post something on your behalf. I do think often that the typos mean you don't value my time as a reader.

On a related note, we're looking for a student to help us with our startup on the LAUNCH PAD. The third person we had for our team can't make it to SF and we're hoping to fill her place with someone who wants to be a part of the action.

So if you're just starting out, in school or just learning to program or design on your own, and you'd like to help out the people launching the Windsoc Unified Social API, please let me know (regan@windsoc.co).

We have a ticket for you, and we'd pay for your food and drink and something for the help. We're also hoping that if the event goes well, you might consider helping us again in future.

And Jason, let me know if you have a problem with this type of recruitment. Thanks!

Would love to attend but can't afford the flight. Man, I really need to move where the action is.

Agreed, it's really unfortunate. I've been planning a trip out to the valley area for awhile now, but I just can't make the finances line up for me. Such is the life of a college student though, I suppose.

I need help with my launchpad booth, if students just can't quite afford things I may be able to help. Tell me costs you can't afford. simon@rhinocloud.com

Very cool. I won't be attending, but watching you invite companies on TWiST and hackernews ensures I will follow the news of the event since I can visualize all these people coming together.

I already bought a ticket, but happy to do so because the price is fair.

im from indonesia can i apply ?

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