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[Disclaimer: I worked on BigQuery a couple lives ago]

I'd give Google BigQuery a shot. Should work fast [seconds] and scale seamlessly to [much] larger datasets and [many] more users. For a 1 TB dataset, I have a hard time imagining crafting a slow query. Maybe something outlandish like 1000[00?] joins. They also have an in-memory "BI Engine" offering, alas limited to 50GB max.

On premise, there is Tableau Data Engine. I don't think they offer a SQL interface, you have to buy into the entire ecosystem.

Long shot: I've been working on "most expressive query system over multiple tables" as an offshoot of some recent NLP work. Your use case piqued my interest. I'd love to help / understand it better. My contact is in my profile.

"My contact is in my profile"

This makes for a good laugh: Queries for the masses. Contact: f'info@${user}.com'

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