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Buy them a machine each.

$100K has always been "cheap" for a "business computer" and today you can get more computer for that money than ever.

$100K of hardware (per year or so) is small-fry compared to almost every other R&D industry out there. Just compare with the cost of debuggers, oscilloscopes and EMC labs for electronic engineers.

My company has over 400 Data Scientists and 1000s of Data Analysts.

Buy them a machine each at a cost of $40-60 billion ?

Or would it make more sense to buy one Spark cluster and then share the resources at a fraction of the cost.

I don’t get your numbers, getting one for 400 people is 40M, for thousands it may be 100-999M.

Still expensive, but much less than 40 billion.

He said $100k for each user but it's a dumb idea anyway.

We have a Spark cluster which supports all of those users for $10-$20k a month.

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