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Very nice!

These animations are running in a <canvas>.

Any idea what the author used? Is everything produced with math (eg: a gear solver, etc)?

I was wondering the same!

The author appears to be using his own functions written in vanilla JS. The Gears page loads a custom Canvas library base.js [1] plus an page-specific gears.js [2]. iOS graphics appears to be an area of expertise [3] for the author.

[1]: https://ciechanow.ski/js/base.js

[2]: https://ciechanow.ski/js/gears.js

[3]: https://github.com/Ciechan?tab=repositories

(P.S. <canvas> is an interesting choice, I had expected <svg> before opening the page inspector. Separately, I love the creative use of TLD in the domain name.)

Thanks for the JS files.

Would be nice to know about his process.

Here it appears he is importing the graphics from somewhere else converted to imperative drawing code:


That's just a function that draws a spanner.

Obviously, but my point is that if you look at the coordinates these do not seem to have been handwritten.

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