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Show HN: Broxy – An HTTP/HTTPS intercept proxy written in Go (github.com)
106 points by rhaidiz 15 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

I really would like to recommend go-any-proxy as well:


It is pretty good you can masquerade it (configure it as a transparent proxy for any outbound TCP traffic and it uses HTTP CONNECT to proxies that support it to proxy the connection.) If you're looking to unwrap SSL traffic you can use sslsplit, too.

How does it feature-wise compare with Mitmproxy and Burp? Is the repeater data editable?

If the end goal is a Burp replacement, you should know that they're very expensive (basically 365 USD a year IIRC), and a cheaper product could be a hit.

The same thing is true of Burp as was true of Microsoft Word for Joel Spolsky: just 20% of its features cover 80% of its use cases, but it's a different 20% for each user. Burp replacements are where tooling projects go to die; many, many of us have stories about attempts, sometimes multiple attempts, to decisively replace it.

Does it have to look this ugly? Qt lets you make nice layouts easily and looks native by default.

Apparently it's already using Qt

That's exactly why I have mentioned it - they use Qt and it would look better if they didn't make it look this way intentionally.

I know naming is hard, but I heard this and figured it might be using bro under the hood. It's more confusing because it's a network-related application.

Bro is now Zeek.

Yeah but tons of people are still using versions named Bro. Most people I know, me included, still refer to it as Bro (or, more formally, Bro/Zeek.) Tons of documentation and tutorial are the same. It's only been a year and change since the re-naming.

The reason I called it Broxy is actually pretty idiotic, but I kinda liked it and went for it: I simply imagined what would Barney Stinson call a proxy :) ... the answer was pretty obvious.

Hah that's pretty good. Thanks for making me laugh.

Its going to be... Wait for it!

The bro proxy, no wait! The Broxy!

Its gonna be legendary!

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