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If you're interested in the machining/making of gears there's a youtube channel where a person makes clocks and other timekeeping devices (some of ancient designs). It's fascinating to watch, and makes me want to get a metal lathe/mill someday.


Clickspring's work on the Antikithra mechanism (and the Pateron exclusive Byzantine Sundial) is particularly interesting, because not all of the movements created by gears are circular or even. The input can be purely rotational, but the output is not.

For example on the Antikithra mechanism, it has to account for the procession of the moon's orbit which causes an uneven time to complete one orbit. To properly simulate this, a pin-and-slot system is combined with an offset pivot to turn the rotation of gears into a movement that lags behind and then speeds ahead, mirroring the actual orbital period.

I worded that poorly; the video does a better job of explaining it (within the first minute), and the rest of the video shows the gear train coming together


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