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> The author is not to blame here, as we lack decent tools for declarative graphics/animations.

Please show me the pure SMIL declaration for a pixel-exact replica of the example from the wonderful article: number and size of teeth on a spinning gear scales based on the horizontal position of a draggable slider.

On a related note: this wonderful article is an article. The next time an HN article about web complexity triggers another HTML Class of 4.01 Reunion, it would be great if admirers of this article would post the link and force them to reveal the true depths of their asceticism.

I think I win either way. If there really is an SMIL solution then then the 4.01 grumps would be forced to backport declarative graphics/animation into their nostalgia. If not, then my point stands.

Can you explain what is it that you win? Because the current state where it takes a talented programmer + mathematician + designer to create this kind of content is loss for everyone.

No, SMIL on its own cannot replicate these illustrations. I hope that some future standard for declarative reactive graphics will be able to.

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