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Gobble (YC W14) – Senior Full Stack Software Engineers – Toronto, On
5 days ago | hide
Gobble (http://gobble.com) is on a tear and we need more exceptional talent to help smash our goals for 2020. We're a full stack food company with Series B funding from A16Z, Khosla Ventures, Initialized Capital, YC, and others.

Gobble is a meal prep company that makes cooking easy for busy people. Gobble's breakout product is the 15-minute one pan dinner kit. Internally, Gobble rapidly invents, sources, manufactures and delivers custom prepped meals across 46 U.S. states via a fully integrated and agile national supply chain.

We're looking to bring on product-oriented full stack engineers who are interested in making a big impact on the company. The role is on site at our new Toronto office.

As a team, we value things like: TDD, being resilient to change, clean code, refactoring, and shipping code often.

Our stack is mostly: Ruby/Rails/Rspec/Postgres/React/Heroku

If you're interested in learning more, you can email me directly chris@gobble.com with your CV/Linkedin.

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