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If only textbooks could be this good.

Exactly. Or put another way, why is there not more pedagogic material like this on the web? We have Jupyter notebooks in many different academic subjects but so many of them are half-baked. This website serves as an example of how good web-based teaching material can truly be.

I think we'll get there. Part of the problem has been ensuring that the content keeps working. There has been so much educational content produced on Flash, Java Applets, and other platforms that currently have no support.

But the "modern web" (HTML5 and javascript) seem likely to last a long time and be supported on many, many platforms. So now we need better authoring tools, because as another comment suggests, not everyone is up for writing 4K lines of code.

That's what I thought, but now more and more features are being disabled either entirely (as with the SQLite interface in WebKit) or for unencrypted sites, which — correct me if I'm wrong here — includes web pages you've archived on your local filesystem. Maybe <canvas> will survive that, despite its use in browser fingerprinting, but camera access and appcache are already nuked, and the only interface that let you do custom realtime DSP on audio streams from an unencrypted origin is deprecated.

Lack of incentive to create it?

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