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Ask HN: What does brexit mean for EU developers looking to find work in the UK?
23 points by zabana 16 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 21 comments

Until the end of this year nothing will change. You can still move to and settle in the UK, if you're crazy enough to want to for some reason.

It's not yet known what the situation will look like post-2020.

You'll need to apply for pre-settled status before mid next year

This. The demand is there, but the environment is not welcoming. Engage remotely if you can and save yourself a lot of problems.

> The demand is there, but the environment is not welcoming.

Can you expand on this?

For now, nothing.

But EU citizens working in the UK must apply for pre-settled status by the 30 June 2021. But who know what will happen by the end of 2020. A FTA by the UK-EU or US or an out right no deal scenario are possible outcomes from the process which could change this situation for EU citizens in the UK.

> But EU citizens working in the UK must apply for pre-settled status by the 30 June 2021.

I just want to point out that this also applies to EU citizens who already have a certificate for permanent residence. That's right - if you went through the painstaking and expensive process of applying for a document on which the UK government states that you have the right to live and work in the UK indefinitely... that document is now worth nothing and you have to apply for "settled status" just like anyone who doesn't have that certificate.

Trust me, if you're an EU citizen, you don't want to work in the UK. Horribly dysfunctional, overtaxed country run by evil kleptocratic psychopaths. Take a look at the Nordics instead.

Do you mean UK or England? I'd like to hope Scotland remains a welcoming environment. And it has lots of opportunities for tech folks, certainly in the "central belt" Glasgow and Edinburgh. Check out the jobserve.co.uk website and search for stuff in either city if you're curious about skills in demand and salaries available. Scotland remains a very affordable place to live btw.

But yes we sadly do remain (for now) somewhat tied to whatever ill-advised schemes Westminster decides to inflict.

Yea, this comment is devisive emotive misleading giberish based on nothing

I'm French and I moved to the UK because of my country actually being overtaxed. raised my salary by 40%. But I agree on the horribly dysfunctional though

I take it you're living in the UK then?

Six bloody years. No more!

Just curious, where are you now?

Nordics are not overtaxed?

For the moment it’s not clear what’s ahead, but for those EU developers who are allowed to work in the UK in the future, as I see it the biggest risk is that the current reciprocal agreements concerning healthcare, retirement plans, and unemployment insurance will no longer exist, and so the cost of that will have to be factored in when considering a job offer.

EU workers would need a visa like the rest of us non-EUs if they don't get pre-settled status.

Singapore vs 51st State vs Iceland? Rien ne va plus, le jeux sont fait. ... ball rolling ....... number 0 ... . The dealer always wins.

Is this result of one of those famous "fridge magnet poetry" things that I keep reading about? Because I have no clue what message you are trying to deliver.

It is not difficult to understand, though? Out of the EU, every party is going to lose in the short term. As a EU citizen, stay away for a while and let the UK drift until their role coalesces into something smooth and clear enough.

I'm sorry, I do not understand at all what you are trying to say - I think it's because you are not giving any context to what you are saying, instead just making a statement - but maybe that is just me :/

Ok, third time lucky, I hope. Should a EU citizen relocate to the UK for IT or engineering work right now? Nope, in my humble opinion, until the Brexit dust settles at both governmental and practical level.

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