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Alex Crichton: “Scaling Back My Involvement in Rust” (rust-lang.org)
81 points by anw 17 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Alex’s work is truly prolific in the Rust world. His stepping away is rightly earned, and it seems he may be moving more into WASM side of things, which shows good promise. I’m happy to see he may be involved in other projects in the community.

From his post:

> In the past 7 years I've:

> * Made 3546 commits over 2443 PRs to rust-lang/rust.

> I've added 700k lines of code and deleted 747k (yay negative!).

> * Made 1374 commits over 1010 PRs to rust-lang/cargo.

> I've added 188k lines of code and deleted 119k (boo positive).

> * Been in the top 10 list of contributors for every single Rust release since 0.7.0, excluding today's 1.41.0. According to thanks.rust-lang.org 127 I'm the top contributor in terms of commits (well, human contributor)

> * Published 243 crates to crates.io 41

> * Made 41k comments/prs/commits/etc ("contributions" according to GitHub's metrics)

13546 commits, he has forgotten a digit ^^

I really wonder if this is a consequence of mozilla layoffs (probably not)

The URL here should be https://internals.rust-lang.org/t/scaling-back-my-involvemen... . The current one jumps to the first reply, rather than to Alex's post.

You will be missed.

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