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I try to avoid proprietary services.

You know, YouTube is pretty easy. I bet someone could implement it in an afternoon and a dozen lines of shell script...

Is this a challenge?

A weekend at most.

WORST—-and I mean WORST—case, could crank out a clone during a hack week.

Never tried yet for hosting content, however I've read good things about Lbry.


Ah yes, we needed another blockchain to solve this problem. Perfect.

The amusement here being that git itself is Merkel trees ;-)

(And yes, I've seen, and boosted, your Mastodon tirade, and am ... apprehensive in commenting here.)

Not many people know that these trees were invented by the German federal chancellor Angela Merkel.

(they were not, this is a shitpost, they're actually called Merkle trees)


Damned edit window...

What's wrong with blockchain? Honest question since I've never used them.

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