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This is great, but I already use "shit" as an alias for "fuck".

Your home life must be quite unusual.

If there's anything you don't want to confuse, it's your shit and your fuck. Keep them separate, people. Keep them separate.

The world is big enough for everyone's kinks; I'll keep mine off yours and you return the favor tx

You can have whatever kinks you want, but you can't escape the germ theory of disease.

There's a Reggie Watts song about this..

HN wisdom FTW

Do you type dvorak? I have the same exact alias for that reason.

No, I could never get the hang of Dvorak.

I have it because when I make a command line mistake, I more often say "shit" than "fuck". It feels more natural to type what I'm actually thinking. :)

I’m just here to support the four people that have a sense of humor on HN.

To be fair, humor (on its own) is often detrimental to HN discussions. At least as top level comments.

But for a toy project like this, it seemed appropriate.

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