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Amusing, but less than the title suggests (no porcelain, no reliability properties, no error checking, etc).

Still, fun stuff.

Interesting terminology, I'd never heard of porcelain in the context of git.

In case there are others like me, this will save some clicking:


Am I reading that correctly? A porcelain command is one that's not supposed to be used in scripts, but the --porcelain flag is for when you do want to use things in scripts?

And then there's random stuff like "git status --porcelain", an easily-parsed version of "git status"

Why would you expect reliability and error checking in a shell implementation of git? It's clearly a mad bit of fun.

I wouldn't necessarily expect it in a "mad bit of fun", and I'm implicitly noting that that's what this is.

I completely require it in shell scripts in general. Good checking of errors is really a fundamental requirement of professional programming.

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