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Hitler Uses Kubernetes (youtube.com)
10 points by geerlingguy 11 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

An exquisite snapshot of a portion of current sysadmin times. It was about time this meme was born. Do I feel relieved or like I have to catch up given that I don't know 100% of the technologies mentioned? Mmm.

Do I feel relieved or like I have to catch up given that I don't know 100% of the technologies mentioned?

Do you drink?

Do you know that feeling when you can't decide if you want one more drink or should call it a night and head home, but you kind of want to get that drink anyway because "I got 20 more minutes of happy hour prices, may as well get in while the getting's good"?


That's how we all feel/or at least it's how I feel sometimes looking at some new stack coming out and watching companies trip over themselves to go implement it and demand new sysadmins and developers come in the door with expert level capabilities with it and then finding out halfway through the interview the primary reason said company is hiring new Ops person is because the last Ops person didn't really know what they were doing and now they need a fixit Ops guy to come in, tear it down and replace it with a much more manageable infra.

It's the internet of shit: behind-the-scenes edition. Tech media fawn over developer darlings who trot out their systemd's, K8s', OpenStack's and whichever flavor of the moment just happens to make their names in the blogosphere while leaving the technical debt externalities, bugs and added grand unified over-complexity to others to suffer under. Popularity, newness and media don't make anything inherently useful, necessary or better.. they just bring hype until proven otherwise.

I wouldn't be so against particular projects like OpenStack, k8s, OpenSSL, PHP and systemd if they weren't so awful in philosophy and execution. IMO, stacks, and projects too, need simplification, clear documentation and resilience before adding zillions of features that don't work, don't belong or don't add net value for the complexity/risks they bring.

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