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Was inspired by this, threw together this hack for vim users.

  #! /usr/bin/env bash
  cd ~/share # or wherever
  echo >> notes.txt
  date >> notes.txt
  if [[ $# -ne 0 ]]; then
    echo $@ >> notes.txt
  vim "+normal Go" +startinsert notes.txt
Enough to see if this will work for me.

I also aliased this to something short so I can quickly view notes starting at the bottom: vim "+normal G" ~/share/notes.txt

I also would like to use something similar but I wish to add new text on the top of the file (so oldest notes go to the bottom). I ended with something like this:

    nvim  -c "+normal ggO# $(date)" -c ':s/$/\r/' -c 'se nohlsearch' notes.md
Would be interested in knowing if I can make this nicer/more efficient.

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