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Show HN: A curated list of 250 startup incubators and accelerators (incubatorlist.com)
42 points by bozkan 13 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 25 comments

Any way to add a "legitimacy" metric, whether that's notable companies, company success rate, total market cap of graduated companies, etc.

+1 to this request and [years in business, companies funded and unicorns/exits]

This is great for founders... I'm working on a tool for founders to create apps without writing code [1] and anything that gives founders leverage with capital or time is critical to success.

[1] https://www.webase.com

I will add all these features soon, thanks for the feedback. Your product seems an interesting tool, good luck!

This would be cool. Founding year and # of companies would be helpful. I think these are a long game and a lot of them seem to fade out after 3-4 batches.

Agree, there are hundreds of programs in F6S, shut down in a year or so, but still their applications are open. That's one of the reasons I wanted to curate such a list, which will be up-to-date all year.

This is among my to-do list, as many people requested such metrics. I will add them asap. If you subscribe to the e-mail list from the website, whenever I add those metrics or any other update, you'll be notified about all.

Great resource for founders and to be founders! I bet a lot of people here including myself will find it very useful!

Also a feedback. Since you’ve already put the effort to make it a website it might be worth add a filter tab/button so the users can filter them based on different dimensions(e.x city, equity, ...)

This feedback came from many other people including my wife, so my next task is certain now:) I will add a filter based on multiple variants.

I am glad you found it useful, thanks!

yep! +1 ... thanks OP ... very timely!

you're welcome!

A perhaps useful next step would be a “common app” to fill out one application and apply to all of these at once.

Someone else also had suggested it. Then I started contacting some accelerators about such a feature. They seemed very interested in it.

It is a bit challenging to implement, but would be very useful. After your feedback, this feature is now validated, and among my todo list!

Cool. Happy to provide feedback (maybe even some implementation help if that would be helpful) as this might be something I would use and certainly would recommend it to folks. The SUS community would love this, I think, though I suspect you’ve already talked about it in there.

masschallenge appears to be missing from the list. is this only targeting for-profit accelerators?

no, it is targeting any type of accelerators & incubator. my fault, forgot it. Thanks a lot for reminding me!

Appreciate your huge effort. Why did you decide to curate such a list?

I've recently applied to many programs with my startup, Episolo.com, which is a marketplace for startup mentorship. When I realized my bookmark list was too long just for me, I decided to make a simple website and share them with other people.

Nice list. It'd be nice to have a few more filters though.

thanks! Filters are on the way, will be live in 1-2 days!

Have you considered a filter by location?

Yes, filtering by multiple factors such as location, categor etc. is the most requested feature. It is nearly finished and will be available soon.

Do you have a plan on monetizing this?

Currently, no. I may consider it as a traffic resource to my other projects.

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