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A World Without Privacy Will Revive the Masquerade (theatlantic.com)
4 points by marchenko 19 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

"Doxxing someone in Transcriptworld will be even easier than it is today—Google’s database is hardly shrinking—but here, anyone in the country who engages in it, or harassment based upon it, will face swift and sure punishment in a newly energized legal system, especially because the bad actors’ own anonymity is so hard to maintain."

"Newly energized legal system" - that seems the least likely thing in this story. The US legal system seems to have real difficulty with any bad actors that have money, or are making money from the status quo. Junkmailers and spammers come to mind here. South Dakota allowing Visa and Mastercard to charge 28%+ APR seems like another example.

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