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Counter-counterpoint: If you are not too picky about the type of good you want to do, money can buy you an astonishing amount of it. See the effective altruism movement, e.g. https://www.thelifeyoucansave.org/impact-calculator/ . For a thousand dollars you can provide 781 person-years of save drinking water or purchase 500 bednets to protect against malaria.

Unless you are over-proportionally suited or talented at being famous, you can basically always do more good by earning and donating as much money as you can.

(Note, though, that it requires more reflection and conceptualization to feel as good by giving remotely than by giving to people locally or in your community.)

I think an argument can be made that, if an artist doesn't create their art because they figure they can earn more money as an investment banker and donate money to causes they care about instead, the world is actually worse off as a result.

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