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Ask HN: What skills to learn to build SaaS' as algorithm developer
2 points by EllipticCurve 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | discuss
I have a few ideas for possible SAAS or side projects that might actually help with additional income (at some point). But it always feels like I am missing key skills to build such a side project.

My background is all backend development and OpenGL/computergraphics bundled with a bit of classic algorithm development for autonomous driving.

What I am missing (I think), is a way to get ideas out to people. Probably some web stacks/frameworks, not sure. It just doesn't help, that I can build some desktop application and throw some OpenGL on it.

And I am getting really confused whenever I try to dive into the frontend area.

Any ideas on where to improve or even just minimize my frontend surface to a bare minimum that is easy to present the world and doesn't need too much maintenance?

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