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Yes, Oil (https://oilshell.org/) now has nullglob on when you run bin/oil instead of bin/osh.

So you get this:

    oil$ find . -name *.jpg
    find: missing argument to `-name'

    oil$ find . -name '*.jpg'
Details: I had it on when you set 'shopt -s strict:all', but I neglected to turn it on for 'oil:basic' and 'oil:all'. Those are oil-specific option groups so you don't have to remember all the option names.

But I just fixed that and it will be out with the next Oil release.


If anyone wants to add more strictness options to Oil to avoid these types of mistakes, let us know! (e.g. on https://github.com/oilshell/oil, or there's more contact info on the home page).

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