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Pay math majors to manually (or with software assistance to help maintain rigor) prove the correctness of open source software Infosys-style. Get paid by enterprise customers. You don't need math majors per se just people with some math talent. Unfortunately there are tons of mathematically inclined people in the world, much more than there are opportunities so you can probably hire e.g. 10 proofs engineers in Eastern Europe/Iron Curtain countries (Soviet style math education while brutal, is tremendously effective) for the cost of one SV Engineer. Companies like Galois may be nice but they are expensive and don't scale very well; industrial automation and IoT hardly have the same margins as overpaid defence contractors. Training humans in TLA+ is cheaper. For example in Kazakhstan and Ukraine, Pascal is widely taught as part of the high school curriculum. Boeing can verify the output of their HCL outsourcing by an army of Slavic engineers trained in Ada Spark (which is not too dissimilar syntax-wise to Pascal [0]). Namecheap managed to train an entire customer service team in Eastern Europe on the finer details of DNS and networking technologies. All this on razor thin margins of selling domain names. It is not unimaginable to scale this to formal verification. Considering that GitHub acquired Semmle, this field will explode in the near future.

[0]: See also: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F3-540-48753-0_16

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