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Funny that we all resort to the same things. I have an almost identical bash script that appends and timestamps each note, but I push it to my Dropbox account using their REST APIs instead of my local file system.

Can you expand on your system a little bit? Do you use it from the phone too?

The bash script I was talking about simply curls the .txt file from Dropbox, edits/appends it, then curls it back up to Dropbox (overwriting the old copy).

Dropbox iOS app allows you to create .txt files if you absolutely need to take a note from your phone. I’m never far from my computer personally.

I also wrote a Chrome extension that does essentially the same thing as my bash script (as well as save bookmarks to Dropbox). Its caching mechanism is very convenient for writing long notes that will be edited over hours or days—if the machine goes down, they’re all stored in Chrome’s local memory the next time I boot.

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