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I like how you can drag tasks directly to Google Calendar. Do you know if it is possible to drag them as events, not reminders? I prefer to block entire time slots as events in my calendar because it helps me better manage my time. For example, I would add a 3 hour long event called "refactor hello_world" or a 2 hour one "find lost socks" and dedicate these time block to these specific activities. Unfortunately, you cannot change the length of reminders.

Alternatively, is there any other software with this feature? I have been looking for one for a while but no luck :-\

Scheduling tasks as calendar events with duration is indeed critical to actually getting them done for many people (including those with ADHD)

That (and scheduling suggestions) used to be the main feature of Timeful, an app started by behavioral psychologist Dan Ariely. It actually got acquired by Google and shut down. Sadly, Google Tasks still pales in comparison.

The only todo app I’ve found which allows you to do this and has desktop/mobile versions is TickTick. I used to be a fan of Things which is nearly perfect, but the authors stubbornly refuse to implement this, so I’m gradually migrating away from it.

I also prefer to track todos this way because it shows me how much free time I can realistically commit to new things. There was a calendar app that did this very well called Timeful, which Google acquired a few years ago. Some of the features from Timeful have been rolled into GCal, but this one doesn’t seem to have made it.

That's indeed not possible. The Tasks calendar is a separate calendar and the 'events' on it have no duration.

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