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I’ve found OneNote very useful for Todo lists. It’s very flexible and supports collapsible nested lists. But the killer feature is the “dock to desktop” feature, which makes the list always visible on my monitor. It forces me to stay on task and reminds me what to do next. I create a new page every week and copy over my remaining tasks from the last week. I’ve been doing this for 3 years now and haven’t looked back.

I use OneNote at work. It's the one Microsoft product I really enjoy using. It does so much and lets you organize things any which way you want. It is about as close as I've seen to digital paper.

Granted, I haven't had to do sketches in there, or any kind of OCR. I think I'd still do those on paper.

I've got one folder per project and one folder for each thing I want to learn.

Same. I've had the same OneNote for over 10 years now. My life is in that OneNote lol

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