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I use one large mind-dump file (~15 years) in Apple Notes and keep todos for the next day on a single sheet of paper which I throw out in the evening — why would anyone archive their accomplished tasks? I love destroying the past every single day.

“Ugh this was such a weird week, I don’t feel like I got a damn thing done.”

looks back over a week full of lots of yak-shaving and distractions

“Oh! I feel better. I got a lot done! It just wasn’t on the stuff I think is really important.”

The Bullet Journal book actually has a really good point about this, which is that you should be archiving this stuff to have the exact realization you just pointed out and then figure out how to adjust your behavior to focus on things that are actually meaningful to you.

How do you format your Apple Note?

Either just bullet points or a headline with a short blurb below (usually ideas).

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