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I don't care about analyzing the data afterwards. When I open the notebook and see that I've only had one glass of water, it motivates me to drink another, until I get around 8 in one day.

I've read https://writings.stephenwolfram.com/2012/03/the-personal-ana..., have used Seinfeld calendar apps, and bought productivity tools... all with no luck.

I have an addictive personality so I could easily sit in front of the computer and write code for days on end and not take care of myself. This little physical book and pen is the only thing that's brought me back to reality and kept me on track!

Would seeing any kind of analysis benefit you or boost your motivation? Like something that would clearly show based on your own data that, say there is a strong correlation between feeling ill and drinking less than 4 cups of water throughout the day?

The reason I ask is because I'm building something like this. And not many people track their habits as systematically as you do.

Yes! I think this would be definitely boost motivation. It would also help me to look at things "before" any positive outcome and remind me not to go... back to there.

Yes, that's a major part of the reason I wanted a tool like this for myself too. It's great to know it could be of use to others too!

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