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Why do people feel a strong need to organize their day, spend tremendous amount of time(ironically) and energy in exactly what they need to do that day and how many calories they eat?

I feel the complete opposite. I structure projects, not my time. I want a loose schedule. You could stop worry about time, try a free schedule, enjoy life a little, and get work done. This whole "productivity" bullshit is an urban concept. Back when my grand pa was a farmer, he didn't have a schedule but he worked all day. The task can take as long it has to. I am willing to bet, your average urban wizbang with TODO apps and productivity hacks will not match the output.

For me it’s laziness and forgetfulness. I don’t like thinking about all the things I have to do everyday so I outsource that to apps/documents. Also helps when coordinating with others and when new opportunities/issues arise I can confidently assume I’m not going to miss that dentist appt/event/whatever I agreed to attend a while ago. There’s so many things going on all the time I don’t know how people survive without some Sort of productivity process/tooling. Unless like you said you’re a farmer or something and you just sort of hang out around your property and tackle things as they arise.

Once your project is bigger then one person, you gotta start talking to people, and if you’re talking to people regularly then you gotta keep some amount of track of your planned time so you can schedule a time to talk. Some multi-person projects can happen in largely asynchronous communication, some can’t.

I hate doing that so I work freelance, on a loose schedule. I still track my time so I can do things like “feel confident that I’m getting enough shit done fast enough to have money for rent”.

“Get shit I gotta do out of the way as efficiently as possible so I can do the stuff I wanna do at my own pace” is also a possible reason.

To a large extent I agree with you. At work, I have projects that I know when they need to be done by. I know that other people will expect that certain stages will be done at certain points, because they need them to do their parts of the project. But within that there’s a lot of arbitrary ordering of work. It doesn’t really have to be micromanaged that closely.

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