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I used org mode at my last job, lots of management data, deep learning research, and patent application notes. Org worked great for me.

Now except for occasional DL related consulting, I am retired and my tech world activities are centered around writing. I have four book ideas that I will get to in the next few years, and updating my older books to new editions takes time. Keeping notes and research is vital for authors:

Now I use markdown text files for local notes and for cloud based note taking I went back to using Google Keep. I was using Apple Notes until I realized that they used imap to synchronize and that was not secure enough for me. For a decade I had used Evernote, but that ended up being too much ceremony/overhead.

EDIT: Apple really needs to encrypt more types of user data in iCloud.

Seems that Apple encrypts Notes data in transit and on server https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202303

Is it IMAP that's the concern?

I read somewhere that IMAP was a concern, but I see that almost everything is encrypted (Apple has description keys) in transit and on their servers. Some data is also end to end encrypted so Apple can not decrypt it (like passwords, health data, etc.).

I don’t remember everything at least being encrypted in transit and on their servers, perhaps that is relatively new?

I wonder why they don’t go all the way and have every5ing encrypted end to end.

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