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A while back I fell out of love with Evernote and migrated all my years of notes out to txt files which are synced to Dropbox. Huge nested folder structures but easily searched via grep or whatever. And then I have a folder called “Captains Log” and I make txt files for as many things as I can during the day. Code snippets, reminders to buy eggs at the store, urls to some dumb thing I want to remember to read later on but can’t bother with right now. Often the only content of the txt file is the title and no content if it was just a quick jot. And now you can use the Dropbox app edit txt files directly inside it which makes for easy note taking when mobile. Been using this method for years now, still going strong.

One thing I want to try is having a cron job that exports all my Linux command line commands that I ran that day and dumps them into a txt file for historical purposes.

Honest question. Does it freak you out to have many years of intimate and detailed notes about all aspects of your life and inner monologue to live in freetext on a stranger's computer?

A stranger's computer meaning Dropbox? No, I've worked in similar companies and know the kinds of rigor they put on limiting access to private user data. The number of audits they have to go through for the certifications they have to maintain means they actually take that stuff fairly seriously. At least enough for me to not feel worried about them stealing my recipe for tuna noodle casserole

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