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For some definition of "now". Python 3.7 was released in June 27, 2018. So "now" is "for the past year and a half". Python 3.6, which implemented the change originally, was released in December 23, 2016. By that measure "now" actually means "for the past 3 years".

The whole Python 3 affair made me realise that a lot of people upgrade their tools like once every 5-10 years. Which is shocking, in an industry as fast as this. I’m not saying you should churn your whole build setup every 6 months (I think release speed for Python is a bit excessive at the moment, for example), but complaining in 2020 for a feature that was released almost two years ago, was in development for a year or so before that, and was widely publicised... I mean, c’mon.

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