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It strikes me that the real issue here is one of narrative. What you're struggling with is not the tech, but telling (first yourself, then others) what you're about. It makes you want to cover all bases, while discounting the knowledge that you have gathered.

I don't have many answers for you on tech. But I can tell you that anywhere outside of tech companies, coding is a superpower. From this perspective, it helps to move away from thinking about tools, to thinking about what you want to achieve with them. Forget about others and their paychecks? What gives you a kick? Start noticing which types of problems you enjoy solving, a narrative will grow out of that.

(As someone who's been coding in python for years and still is nowhere near as good as a proper good pythoner, I see no point of investing any time in R. It's one or the other. Same for Tensorflow and PyTorch. I try and work with PyTorch because smarter people than me have chosen to, and you just have to pick a road to start walking. But I don't see myself as any form of authority on tech issues, so...)

When you'll be 40, you'll think 40 is old and 30 was young. At 50, you'll think 40 was young and 30 was practically a baby. Why wait till then? Might as well start thinking it this way now - you are young.

And lastly, keep reminding yourself: Comparison is the thief of joy. People earning twice as much as you are not happier, not at these pay scales.

I'm not based in the US and salaries here, even for experienced developers, are nowhere near the numbers you see thrown around.

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