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30s is not old, if anything 30s is a perfect time to be in software development because you've gained some experience in the industry by now and yet you are not too old to adapt and learn new stuff. On learning new stuff, I would just propose keeping an open mind and keeping your learning muscle strong. Today you have all these exciting techs, tomorrow it is going to be an entirely different set of tech you'll have to learn. Sure there is a lot out there, but here is the important bit - Know your tools. When there is a new tech, may be read a little about it, what are its advantages and disadvantage. What class of problems can you apply this technology to? Make some notes and keep them handy. Next time when you are faced with a problem you have no idea how to solve, go back to your notes and skim through. If you find something that sounds potentially applicable to the problem at hand, go read more, deeper. Watch youtube tutorials and freecodecamp etc.

Knowing inside out about all the tools is useless if you can't figure out how to apply them to the problem at hand. So I would suggest rather than running behind technologies, seek interesting problems to solve or interesting/better ways to solve already solved problems. Once you have catalog on what tech applies to which problems, you'll be much more valuable resource to a company and to yourself.

You can't fix a clogged drain using a hammer or that really fancy drill machine with twin battery pack. You can only solve it using a Plunger. If you know that, you can then go figure how to use one and after add it your resume not just saying 'you know how to use a Plunger' rather 'you solved a clogged drain using a Plunger', sounds better to potential recruiters.

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