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Push for a higher salary. Negotiate based on market rates, not your own salary history.

A developer with 10 years of experience should be able to command upwards of 150k/yr in NYC even at a small startup; somewhat less in a smaller city in the northeast; somewhat more at a larger company.

Also note that salaries listed on Glassdoor and such tend to be below market for current hires because salaries have been inflating so quickly that someone hired 3 years ago is making way less than someone hired for the same role today.

What if I don't feel like I really have 10 years experience, but rather, 5 times 2 years' experience? It might be my self-confidence, but when I hear someone has 10 years' experience, I think of someone much more competent and experienced than me.

Not sure what I can do for your confidence. But negotiate as if you believe you’re worth the full amount.

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