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I wish we'd develop a similar agency to the US Digital Service. I think any modern government should have a digital/IT branch... a MIO (Minster of Informatics) etc. I know it's idealistic but I think we could pragmatically solve Canada's digital issues carefully without costing us billions in consultant-overloaded failures.

There's the Canadian Digital Service, modelled after the UK's Government Digital Service (GDS). Provinces like Ontario are also creating their own Digital Services groups, and Ontario's online services have improved tremendously because of it.



I'm surprised I hadn't heard of the Canadian Digital Service yet.

Neat to see they've got some of their work open sourced: https://github.com/cds-snc

The pay is _terrible_ for the skills required; I interviewed some time ago and would've taken an 50% cut in compensation to work there.

That's good to know. I was/am interested in working there. I might apply anyway just for the experience (currently not working in software development, but I'd like to get back into it).

Shared Services was setup to handle the (relatively speaking) easier part of the "digital issue": infrastructure. And, by public accounts, it's been a disaster.

I will say the US Digital Service is super tempting until you see the salary.

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