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It is dangerous trying to be an expert at everything. Even super-heroes need to team up to defeat the worst adversaries. So pick one skill to learn at a time and get really good at it.

As for the salary comparisons. Look at people at your location and with comparable skills for your reference. Large discrepancies are likely to be due to location and employer factors rather a reflection upon your true value.

Thank you. The superheroes line is brilliant, I'll keep that one in mind.

Regarding salary, I think I didn't choose my employers well. I live in a large northeastern metropolitan area, and people with my comparable skills make upwards of $100k (in fact, someone who was interviewing to be my replacement when I left my old job wanted twice what I was making).

Push for a higher salary. Negotiate based on market rates, not your own salary history.

A developer with 10 years of experience should be able to command upwards of 150k/yr in NYC even at a small startup; somewhat less in a smaller city in the northeast; somewhat more at a larger company.

Also note that salaries listed on Glassdoor and such tend to be below market for current hires because salaries have been inflating so quickly that someone hired 3 years ago is making way less than someone hired for the same role today.

What if I don't feel like I really have 10 years experience, but rather, 5 times 2 years' experience? It might be my self-confidence, but when I hear someone has 10 years' experience, I think of someone much more competent and experienced than me.

Not sure what I can do for your confidence. But negotiate as if you believe you’re worth the full amount.

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