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It would be cool to use Sandstorm to host public-facing apps, so content could be browsed without logging in. For example, hosting a public discussion, chat, or wiki with the simplicity of Sandstorm. From what I recall though, Sandstorm security sandboxing makes it difficult/impossible for Sandstorm hosted apps to be visible to the general public. Has this changed? Is my recollection incorrect?

You are not incorrect, and that's definitely something we've talked about addressing, because it's a common request. We have a workable flow for publishing static web pages from Sandstorm, but even that requires manually configuring DNS entries somewhere. We've talked a bit about what would be required to get a dynamic grain available at a well-known subdomain.

There's obviously some security cost to doing that, but it's a cost most people would accept in the context of a grain they want to make easily findable to the public.

I should add/clarify that if you're talking about dynamic grains (active discussions, wikis, etc, as opposed to mere statically published sites), it is also already possible to share those publicly. They're just at weird looking URLs. Hence the interest in a "well-known subdomain" feature to improve that.

Thanks for the clarification. Supporting user-friendly domains is really important.

This was one of my design goals / side effects of not trying to enforce a single sign on to my wharfie project ( https://wharfie.org)

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