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Hi there,

We launched a project to help language learners to expand their vocabulary last year. It's easy and useful tool. Please feel free to comment.

Our official website: https://burningvocabulary.com/

Thank you HNer.

Hi shawnyou!

I think you've made a great leap by releasing this product, but there are some issues that might sabotage your efforts.

The pricing page on your site is full of broken English. You've put a lot of effort into coming up with a viable business plan, and promoting your product, but it would be important to apply some finishing touches and ask a friend to proofread the site.

The extension's code is obfuscated, which is against Chrome Web Store policies. Minification is allowed, if you're looking for ways to save space. Reviewers take down obfuscated extensions once they're discovered, and they also remotely disable existing installations, so this would be important to quickly address in an update.

Hi dessant,

Really appreciate you, we will follow up the things you mentioned.

Thank you again. :)

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