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> Every packet has an identity attached.

So, this part is super interesting to me, but I'm curious on how you envision that working inside applications.

For example, I have a tcp server that does

  ln, err := net.Listen("tcp", ":8080")
  conn, err := ln.Accept()
How do I get the identity for the connection? conn.RemoteAddr() will give me the ip address, but how do I know what the metadata associated with the identity is?

Same sort of idea for inbound http requests.. if I wanted to identify if a connection was from a user or an admin?

As I understand it, much of beyond corp type implementations rely on client certs or Identity Aware Proxies that include the user metadata along with the request.

Aside, why would you write 'err' instead of '_' if you aren't using the result?

Because hacker news is not a go compiler.

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