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gnoosic.com is pretty good also.

I worked full-time on algorithmic music recommendation for about 5 months last year[1] (started working on it as a side project in 2016). I've always thought that, ultimately, an algorithm should be the best--after all, you can have it use human-curated data as an input. While my algorithm isn't amazing, it works far better for me than Spotify or Pandora ever did, so I've been using it myself regularly. I pivoted to a general-purpose recommender system idea[2] last november, but I'd love to go back and work more on music later on.

(Music was just too hard to get started in--I spent far more time trying to find a way to integrate my algorithm into playback sources than actually working on the algorithm)

[1] https://lagukan.com

[2] https://findka.com

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