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Whoever this guy is should try to make a point without putting words in Feynman's mouth. It is downright disrespectful. I know that everyone knows that Feynman did not say these things, but it is still disrespectful.

Also it shows an enormous ego. Mr. Lippert thinks he is as smart as Feynman but he is not; he just makes Feynman sound like a pedantic asshole.

Mind you I agree with his point that those questions are silly, but again he can make this point without bringing in Feynman's corpse and using it as a sockpupet.

For the record: I intended no disrespect; I have immense respect and admiration for Feynman.

And for the record: I do not think that I am as smart as Feynman; that would be ridiculous.

The piece was intended as satire, and is in a long tradition of such dialogues intended to ridicule a "straw man" of a particular position. Consider, for example, Gallileo's Dialogue Concerning Two World Systems, in which the scientist, Salviati, criticizes the position of Simplicio, who believes the earth to be the center of the universe.

I couldn't think of a better modern figure to stand for science, reason, clear thinking, and a mischievious sense of fun than Richard Feynman as my Salviati, and I hope that he would appreciate the spirit in which it was presented.

I think you defended your use of satire very well. Good job.

Would it have made you feel better if he had invoked Einstein's name? It's satire, relax a little.

People did that to Einstein all the time, claiming that he followed one religion or God or another, and it actually did piss him off.

Agreed. This was a cartoonish version of Feynman I found rather pathetic. It is missing the recurring themes of learning and experimentation found in real Feynman stories. Either the old barometer story or the manhole cover story are far superior to this blog post.

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