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Any chance we can get the blocklist transfered via sync in the next iteration of this plugin?

I second that suggestion. It would make the extension that much more awesome to not have to block sites on each device. Might also help to lower the noise on Google's end, so they're not seeing multiple blocks on the same domain from the same users, though I'm sure they account for this already.

It's a bit difficult to implement sync of arbitrary data in a Chrome extension now. The extension developer has to setup their own storage and implement their own sync code. Either that, or some developers just store their data in the bookmark system, which has its own problems (please don't do this Matt!).

We (the extension posse) are working on making this really easy to do [1], but nothing exists yet.

[1] http://crbug.com/47327

Aaron, thanks for stopping by with an update on Chrome sync--much appreciated. And thanks for making Chrome extensions fast/easy/powerful to write.

I think that's a good longer-term option. We wanted to get the Chrome extension launched to start getting data though.

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