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How to Land Your First Startup Job and Leave Corporate Life Behind (energysavvy.com)
34 points by scottcase1998 on Feb 14, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Good stuff. My only objection is, as a hiring manager, I don't really care what format the resume is in. With me, candidates can use a text file, word or a napkin if it's clear. Just help me understand your education, career track, any key projects and passions.

It should be a bigger part of one's happiness factor to believe in your companies mission. If you don't, you feel like there is no point/goal to your work. Good article.

Should is a dirty word. When you use it in that way, you're applying your own emotional perspective to everybody and hiding it under some sort of imperative. You shouldn't do that ;)

Loved Founder and CTO of Krux Digital: “When you apply to a startup, you need to be prepared to talk about your ability to wear multiple hats and get sh*t done."

If you're in Seattle tomorrow, EnergySavvy is hosting Techcafe. Come past and learn more about EnergySavvy and the Seattle startup community.

Funny to see Facebook now included with "cushy jobs" like Microsoft and Google. What do people at FB think about that? :-)

Well... where's the risk anymore at FB. And where's the meaningful equity upside for new hires there now? I'd say it qualifies as "cushy".

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