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> I have no idea what the graph has to do with the words, maybe there is some connection here but I haven't found it yet.

With the slide saying: "The lack of direct integration with operating companies and associated funding sources creates volatility and eventually subjects other coins or tokens to disintermediation and extinction."

(Or, translated "other tokens die because of $reasons")

I think the point of the graph is to just reinforce the mood. Be an emotional influence that makes you take the slide's message more seriously. Where the text talks about the reasons why other tokens fail, you see a line representing something going down in value fast. For some reason, just looking at it makes me feel sad, the "oh no my investments" kind sad. Which I believe was the whole goal.

Good call. Will update the text.

edit: updated, credited. Thank you!

You're welcome, and thank you for writing this article!

I promised someone to pick this one apart. Pity about the flags though.

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